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Sbírka VONS Československého dokumentačního střediska

The Collection of The Committee for the Defence of the Unjustly Prosecuted (VONS) contains mainly numbered published materials called ‘Communications’ (Sdělení), which were prepared by the members of VONS in which they described cases of individuals or groups, who had been prosecuted or imprisoned because of their opinions.


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Numele colecției

  • The Committee for the Defense of the Unjustly Prosecuted (VONS)

Originea colecției și activitățile culturale reprezentate

Descrierea conținutului

Conținutul colecției

  • manuscrise (memorii, jurnale, note, scrisori, ciorne, etc ): 1000-

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  • național


Data fondării

  • 1978

Locul fondării

Tipul de acces

  • complet accesibil publicului

Autorul(ii) acestui articol

  • Hanáková, Jitka

Lista referințelor

Prečan, Vilém , interview by Hanáková, Jitka, September 28, 2017. COURAGE Registry Oral History Collection

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