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Liget Gallery Archive


Liget Gallery is a small non-profit gallery operated by the Cultural House of the 14th district of Budapest. Since its founding in 1983, it has arranged approximately 450 exhibitions and events in the gallery and elsewhere. In the 1980s, it started to present solo shows of works by radical artists from the region and exhibit new tendencies within the local scene. The archive documents these activities.


  • Budapest Ajtósi Dürer sor 5, Hungary 1146
    Vezi harta


  • Maghiară

Numele colecției

  • The Archive of Liget Gallery

Originea colecției și activitățile culturale reprezentate

Descrierea conținutului

  • The archive of the Liget Gallery contains documentation (photos, videos, texts) on the exhibitions and projects organized by the gallery (from 1983 to the present). The collection is a part of the professional work of the Gallery.

Conținutul colecției

  • fotografii: 1000-


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Acoperirea geografică actuală

  • internațional


Data fondării

  • 1983

Locul fondării


Tipul de acces

  • complet accesibil publicului


  • Várnagy, Tibor (ed.). Liget Galéria 1983–1990. XIV. kerületi Művelődési Ház, Budapest, 1990

    Várnagy, Tibor (ed.): Liget Galéria 1990/1995, Cserepesház, Budapest, 1996.

Autorul(ii) acestui articol

  • Beöthy, Balázs

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Várnagy, Tibor, interview by Beöthy, Balázs, May 11, 2016. COURAGE Registry Oral History Collection

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